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Usability audit

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What makes a website successful?

Finding out the cause of traffic absence or early drop-out requires detailed assessment of your website. Our usability specialist evaluates your website based on generally accepted usability principles. As a result of the evaluation, you receive also a list of suggestions on how to improve your website.

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Advantages of usability evaluation

  • Provide corrective measures to increase traffic and profit of the website.

  • Provide quick feedback. You don't have to wait month and month to find out what are the barriers.

  • It can be used early in the design process saving time and money on later corrections.

  • Compared to other usability methods, it is less expensive.

What is in the usability report?

You will receive a usability report which includes a detailed analysis of your website’s usability, exploring all potential problem areas, and an action plan with suggestions ready to implement. Once these recommendations are applied, your website will meet with the users’ expectations.

usability audit
Usability audit

A specialist walk through the site checking the navigation and site structure as well as the user interaction.

User testing

We can ask a small test group to fulfill particular tasks on the site, and their feedback gives us useful guidelines.

What do our clients say?

It was good to see clear what’s happening on my website. I recommend this review to everyone interested in running a successful online business!

– Avis I., Dublin

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