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On-page SEO

search engine optimization

Being visible

This is what SEO is about. Some SEO builds connections with other pages while On-page SEO builds connections with the search engines themselves.

The aim is to climb higher and higher on the search result pages with relevant keywords and content. For this, we give all the information the robots will need to access your website and make the text, images and titles readable for the search engines.

on-page seo success

Content optimization

Optimizing the text

This means optimizing the text and the codes of the website so that it appears in the basic search engine results in a way that increases conversion.

The main goal of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to generate higher traffic on your website by increasing visibility and ranking in the search results. Our on-page optimization makes your website as clear and accessible as possible for search engines and for visitors as well.

Let's talk about it
  • What does it include?

  • analytics setting
  • headline optimization
  • keyword distribution setting
  • metadata setting
  • title optimization
  • rich snippet (structured data) setting
  • search engine submission
  • site map embedding
  • robot.txt file applying
  • url redirecting

    Also good to have

  • Image optimization

    This makes your images appear in the 'Images' search results which leads to more traffic on your website.

  • Social sharing

    They can increase the social impact of your website to make the content influential.

  • Analytics setting

    Connecting the website with the Analytics and Google webmaster tools gives you the advantage of being followed-up by Google.

  • Custom Error Page

    It can significantly influence if users give up on your website or just hit the back button.

Do you want higher conversion rate?

We can make the text content, the images and the titles as well readable for the search engines, so they appear in the results and your website is going to climb higher and higher on the search result pages resulting higher conversation rate.

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