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About us

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Talking Colors
Web Design Studio

Talking Colors (TACO) represents two of our favorite activities: talking about colors and making them talk. With a color specialist in our team, we founded the company in 2014 to do just that.

TACO Webdesign Studio
Blue Horizon Software Development

office & stuff

Our design studio has been operating as the franchise partner and design department of Blue Horizon Software Development since December 2015. We carry out all of our projects in the headquarters of the parent company, in Vienna where we have full creative freedom and fancy equipment.

A few things you should know about us

  • We talk & listen to you

    There is no one between us. We want to hear you, your needs from your lips to have the best insight possible.

  • We're transparent

    Our workflow is your workflow. You can participate in any phases of the process you would like to.

  • We're flexible

    There are no strict packages and rules carved in stone. We build the workflow of every project on custom needs.

  • We evolve

    Technology changes constantly. We are eager to discover, follow and implement these changes.

Good design doesn’t cost, but it pays.

– Richard H. Driehaus

What is our working method?

  • Research

    Gathering information about the purposes and goals of your website and identify the target audience.

  • Artwork

    First, we build a wireframe to visualize the content flow, then we fill this wireframe with style.

  • Coding

    We take all the UX design elements we made previously and build up the actual website on responsive layout.

  • Go-live

    We test functionality, compatibility (with different devices and web browsers), then upload the site to the server.

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